Exactly what do Serigrafia do?

Serigrafia is useable on a number including wood, glass, fabrics, signs, banners, electronics, and more. Every one may know very well what it is or what are its applications, however, people also needs to understand how it works. A silk or polyester screen has a photographically-sensitive emulsion coating, extending across a frame. The initial sheet of BoPET, (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) usually known by its brand name Mylar, is connected to the silk screen. After which they have been secured to an unit which exposes the silk screen to highintensity light. The light hardens the photographically-sensitive emulsion except where the Mylar is blocking the light. The silk screen is ready and washed to own ink or paint .

Serigrafia machines really are harmonious with various surfaces. These include ceramics, textiles , metal, timber, paper, glass, and vinyl. Printing machines are regarded as a notch above the others because they may print on substrates of depth almost any shape, and size. Additionally, it allows one to display the arousing effects of the look on the thing he or she wants to publish. The consequences are a consequence of the number of dyes and inks like water plastisol solvent, water plastisol, and UV curable, which can be used through the printing procedure.


The different types of inks are water-based inks, gloss-ink, metallic ink, and release. Serigrafia is the way of printing glass, signs, tags, nameplates, tops, t-shirts, logos, text or graphics repeatedly on fabric or horizontal surfaces. It is also recommendable for ceramic decal printing.

Nowadays, people’s tastes in Serigrafia tend to be elegant and more advanced. They prefer clothing that are to the touch using a weatherproof look and feel. It’s thought more versatile than conventional printing methods.

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