If you are lottery game enthusiast, you will definitely love the popular South East Asian number game, Toto. Toto or togel as it is also called is a game of chance where you pick random numbers and try your luck. In the game of Toto, a player can pick six number from 0 to 49. Seven numbers are drawn and if any one or more numbers match the drawn numbers, you can claim your prize.

Toto is similar to any other lottery game. The only difference is you get to pick six different numbers and can win even if only one number matched the winning drawn number. You can also win the jackpot if all the six numbers you pick match the drawn number. The interesting part of Toto Singapore is that the prize money rolls over to the next draw if there is no jackpot winner. The prize money continues to roll over 4 times unless there is a winner and then it passes over to the next level category and will continue to roll over to other levels until a winner is found.

The rollover increases the winning prize money, thus there is no set amount and there is no limit to the amount a player can win by picking the winning jackpot numbers. The more roll over there is, the more the 먹튀검증 amount will increase. This aspect of Toto draws more and more player each day. Toto players can check the winning numbers online on the official website.

Live Toto results Singapore are also popular and very exciting for players. Many players prefer to watch the live toto results announcement. Toto results are announced every Thursday and Monday. You can buy Toto tickets from any toto outlets and get the toto results online. there are many interesting techniques toto players have up their sleeves to calculate the possible toto winning numbers.

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